Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Living Picture's Momento WiFi photo frames with SideShow


It is happening… another experience engine with app and data in the cloud

- Jobi

Man these digital picture frames are coming fast and furious. After making its debut at WinHec back in May, the Vista certified, SideShow-capable Momento photo frame from the awkwardly named A Living Picture, is now up for pre-order on Amazon and others. So whatcha get? Starting with a choice of either a 7-inch (model 70) or 10.2-inch (model 100) TFT display throwing a 800x480 resolution, each frame delivers built-in 802.11b/g WiFi, a multi-format memory card reader, USB jack, RF remote control, an audio output with support for WMA and MP3 (and presumably video) formats, and appears to be Windows Media Connect / UPnP capable to stream content off your PC or other compatible device. You can even pickup a frame for befuddled relatives and update it with your snaps over the 'net via a subscription to Momento Live. What's more, and perhaps the most interesting feature is support for Windows SideShow allowing the frame to run all kinds of XML-driven "gadgets" making the frame capable of displaying your auto-refreshed stock portfolio, current weather, TV schedule, event calendar, etc. That makes for an interesting choice between the $300 Momento model 100 or the $380 RSS-enabled DigitalSpectrum MF8104Premium with similar specs but 0.2-inches more screen and 96,000 more pixels.

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